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my story

In 2018, my life as a 23 year old PE teacher got turned upside down. Whilst out cycling, I was hit by a car that failed to see me. The collision resulted in a number of injuries but the most significant was the trauma to my spinal cord resulting in paralysis from the waist down.


Ultimately my focus became getting active again and finding the love for sport I once had. I began training in a racing wheelchair with a local club and due to my all or nothing personality, I truly committed to seeing how good I could get. Just 2 years from starting out, to my surprise, I got my first senior team selection to represent GB&NI at the European Championships. I then went on to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games in the 400m & 800m where I finished 5th.  


None of this was part of the plan, but is a true picture of my resilience and determination to succeed. I am excited for you to join me on this journey - this is only the beginning!

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